Medical massage added to your current care plan provides relief from symptoms of discomfort or chronic pain related to key medical issues 


By addressing the whole patient this approach considers both post-surgical needs and ongoing

self-care specific to your diagnosis 

 Sessions include review of key medical issues during client intake and a cooperative care plan discussion 

30 Minute Session

60 Minute Session


4 Series Class IAIM

A nurturing and therapeutic massage with a keen focus on the changing needs of a mother's body during all stages of pregnancy in the months

leading up to and following childbirth 

Helps relieve stress on joints and muscles while improving circulation, reducing fluid retention and fostering restful, healthful sleep


75 Minute Session

4 Class Series in Infant Massage Education

under the agreed-upon structure of the IAIM and Massage USA by CEIM Alison Aldred, LMT


This small group gathering guides parents through a series of specific massage strokes while focusing on the benefits of nurturing touch during key stages of bonding and attachment 


IM education works to share space with parents and caregivers while providing them an opportunity to recognize their innate strengths, learn new techniques and build community with one other