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What is INFANT MASSAGE?  click to

Infant Massage is a Practice

Infant Massage is an Opportunity

Infant Massage is Community

Perhaps you've read a parenting book on IM or spoke with a friend who has taken the class or maybe never have heard of Infant Massage ever before.

First time parents and even those a second or third time around can benefit from the practice of permissive, intentional touch communication with their new baby. 

I encourage you to explore the above links to access the most current resources and information on IM  provided by the IAIM and Massage USA. My website also features research and references on the practice of IM and child development.

Contact me at anytime to talk or for more information.

Classes are transitioning to ONLINE groups as of September 2020

Current Class Schedule

TUESDAYS  @ 10am


 4 week Class Series begins each Month

Intended for Infants 7 weeks to 7 months

Mothers, Fathers or Parents May Attend Together 

What Do I Bring?

Your baby and yourself! And what you may normally have for your baby's and your comfort. PLUS two small blankets or a sitting pillow if you can.

But, don't worry, I have extra of everything.

And tea. And snacks. And diaper wipes. Lots of diaper wipes.


What Does Class Provide?


 Instruction Materials

 Extra Pillows/Blankets

 And tea

 And snacks

 And wipes...

How Does a Session Go?

Each week we begin as a group with our babies as our guides to recognize baby cues, behavioral states and the benefits of permissive, intentional touch. You will be led in a series of massage strokes that you will adapt in time to stimulate, relax and relieve your growing infant. You will smile a lot at your baby! Your baby will smile back at you! And wipes....


Each week we repeat the stroke series with an additional educational piece that focuses on a specific aspect of IM as it helps foster healthy early child development, aids in natural attachment and bonding, promotes healthy sleep, relieves colic and establishes healthy patterns for gross motor development and body awareness. We may sing. And wipes... 

I Have Multiples

Come to class with an extra adult or we can arrange a private session in my classroom or your home. Infant Massage is a wonderful strategy for gaining confidence and insights through intentional touch for busy families with multiples.


I am Adopting... 

I am Fostering... 

My Baby Is Premature... 

My Baby Has Special Needs... 

The above links are intended to start our conversation! IM is for ALL FAMILIES. 

Contact me at anytime to further discuss your questions or concerns.


I can't wait to meet you and your new family! 


Class Sessions Are Approximately 2 Hours 

4 Classes in Series



Select INFANT MASSAGE 4 Series Class


CALL 503-307-6988 

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