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October Rising


Massage is understood (and often misunderstood) to be many things by many people-and even as we grow in our knowledge of it's uses and benefits-the desire to honor this fundamental need to meet each client in that unique perspective each time we meet-from the very first time on the table through each and every time that hopefully follows-forms the base of my practicing philosophy and inspires me every time I'm given the chance to share space with clients.

This guides my listening and my hands on my best days.

Individual experience with massage and even basic touch is the foundation of where this shared work takes place and it is a challenge and a joy to navigate this with clients. It is one of the humilities this close and trust based treatment requires.

Massage is indeed many things to many people.

"Massage is an indulgence."

A treat

"Massage is part of my post workout plan."

A recovery

"Massage is for pain."

A treatment

"Massage makes me fall asleep."

A restoration

"Massage is sort of creepy."

A notion

Massage is in fact none of these things to some people or all of these things to the same person on very different days. It is with compassion and conviction we meet these conceptions and encourage everyone to participate in massage as a therapy, as a treatment, as a practice.

Massage therapists are passionate about this driving force in our work and it is plastered and buried beneath the slickest of pitches and strongest of promises. We explore this cross-over endlessly.

The labels come and go no matter how we try to eschew them.

Chronic Pain. Hurried Daily Grinders. Weekend Warriors.

Post-Surgery Healers. Pregnant Mothers. Caregivers. Infants.

I encourage you to see massage from your own point of view and share this with your practitioner and your peers.

I've got an hour set aside for you.